Temple Structure

   The Shrine of Arulmigu Azhagia Singer (Narasingar) is situated in this Corridor.  It is believed that the celestial elephant Iravatham took the form of  a hill  and  was carrying the Lord.  Hence the hill is named as  "Athigiri”.   Azhagia Singar  is  consecrated  in  Athigiri.  His consort is Harithra Devi. Guha Vimanam


     The next inner prakaram is on hill Top.  We have to climb 10 steps to reach  a  frontal   Mandapam.  The   Western  Entrance  of this  frontal Mandapam   is  called “ Olimuga Vasal “.  At  this  entrance   only  such instruments  like  Veena,  Flute etc.   which  produces  soft music were played.  To  go up  from  this  entrance  there  is a flight of  24  steps.   This refers  to    24  Hindu   Philosophies   and  24  letters  of  Gayathri  Mandra.  Climbing up these steps will take us to  “Vaiya Maligai “. 


         Beautiful painting works depicting the Lords of 108 Divya Desams are found on the walls of this Corridor.  By moving west and turning North we can reach a frontal Mandapam.  When we raise our  head  after a ‘ Sashtanga Namaskar’ we can get the darshan of Lord Devaraja Swamy.


             The famous holy temple tanks ‘ Ananda Saras’ and Potramari kulam (Golden Lotus Tank) are situated inside the temple premises.  A Holy Well called ‘Brahma Theertham’ is available near  Senai  Mudalwar Sannadhi in Thirumalai Prakaram.    Only  from  here  the holy water is fetched for the Thirumanjanam (Holy Bath) of Lord Devarajaswamy.

Ananda Saras

Adhi Athigiri Varadar is consecrated in a four-pillared hall at Anandasaras Tank.  

Athigiri Varadar

He is used to be taken out once in 40 years from the tank and kept at temple for approximately 48 days and again kept  in the temple Tank.

.  To witness this important occasion, thousands of people from all over the world throng the temple.  During  1979, the  Lord   Athivaradar  was  taken out of the tank for public darshan.  

    The float festivals for Lord Devarajaswamy and Thayar are celebrated in this tank during the month of Thai.

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